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Staying temporarily in PA; live in Seattle WA.

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(Me before I turned old and gray and wrinkly)

tacky amazon wishlist! it's all the rage.
see what things i'm curious enough about to click but not curious enough about to buy immediately! (or maybe i just have willpower)

Old Interests: 333, africa, alien intelligence, anatomy, art, artificial intelligence, artificial languages, assassinations, baking bread, being in love, berlin, bigotry, books, brains, budapest, buddhism, building things, calendars, capitalism, cats, children's rights, chocolate, comix, communism, complexity, composing, computer games, computers, consciousness, conspiracy, creating, creating language, creating music, creativity, critical thinking, crop circles, democracy, dignity, diversity, divination, dna, dogs, equality, erotica, eroticism, ethics, evolution, face blindness, fantasy, fantasy writing, fascism, fiction writing, flaurs, fractals, freedom, froggies, fundamentals, gamelan, gender, gender neutral pronouns, genetics, geometry, glyphs, good and evil, growing things, hierarchies, hoaxes, human evolution, human rights, indonesia, information, investing, ireland, justice, knowledge, language, learning, life, linguistics, love, magick, mathematics, matter, memes, men's studies, mind, modelling, morality, munich, music, mysticism, neanderthals, nonfiction, paleosociology, patterns, peace, pets, philosophy, photoshop, physics, plants, politics, polyamory, polyfidelity, pornography, postmodernism, pragmatism, prague, prime numbers, programming, rationality, reading, reality, recursion, religions, ribbit sauce, rituals, runes, sacred geometry, science fiction, semiotics, sex, simplicity, skepticism, socialism, solar system, sounds, space, spirit, stone eggs, structures, symbols, syntax, taoism, tarot, teaching, toads, travel, treefrogs, trees, turtles, unity, vegetarianism, war, white-collar crime, writing, writing science fiction, yang, yin, youth rights

Old interests Too: gerbils, gerbilsgerbilsgerbilsgerbilsgerbils, gerbilsgoddammit!!!!!,

arf, baa, bow wow, buzz, caw, chirp, cluck, cock-a-doodle-doo, coo, croak, gobble, gurgle, hiss, honk, howl, meow, mew, moo, mrow, neigh, oink, peep, quack, ribbit, roar, snickerpaur, squeak, tweet, whinney, who, woof

Days until Bush leaves office.
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My Ministry:
His Most Luminous Fruitbat of the Order of The Immaculate Peach In the Warm Summer Rain while Frogs are Singing

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activism, adult alternative, alt.poly, alt.polyamory, altruism, amnesty international, ancient civilizations, ancient history, animal rights, anti-declawing, architecture, artificial intelligence, astral reign, books, buddhism, chee, children's rights, chocolate, civil liberties, civilizations, compassion, complexity, computers, consciousness, creative writing, creativity, critical thinking, dao de jing, depression, dysnomia, e^(i*pi)+1=0, ecotopia, empathy, end of war, entropy, erotica, ethics, everything, evolution, face blindness, fantasy, feminism, folk music, freedom, friendship, froggies, gaea, gamelan, godel, gormenghast, grammar, gödel, happiness, history, honesty, human rights, i ♥ >1, intelligence, jim woodring, jodaweez, kate bush, kimsterbeanz, kith, language, life, linguistics, loneliness, love, magick, marshmallowificus, math, memetics, microtonal music, music, music maker relief foundation, mysticism, mythology, neanderthals, neologisms, open relationships, open-mindness, pacific northwest, parapsychology, pattern recognition, people watching, percussion, philip k. dick, philosophy, photography, physics, pink floyd, politics, polyamory, postmodernism, pragmatism, prehistory, programming, progressive politics, prosopagnosia, psychology, quantum mechanics, quantum theory, reality, ribbit sauce, runes, sci-fi, science, science fiction, seattle, self-actualization, semantics, semiotics, seti, sf, skepticism, sleeping in the sun, snickerpaur, social anxiety, social science, strange loops, sweetmittels, symbolism, symbols, tao, tao te ching, taoism, tarot, thunderstorms, trust, truth, unlearning racism, vegetarianism, war, william blake, wisdom, words, world music, writing, zenna henderson, , ,
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