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Apophenia ([personal profile] jodawi) wrote2014-12-11 02:14 pm

fah. dumfug.

Someone tries to charge my non-missing credit card for $200.00, then $400.00, then $1200.00, at a nearby Nordstrom's. Wonder where they got the data.

Is good to have instant text alerts for every charge.

Wells Fargo proactively declined the charges, since I dress like a slob and wouldn't be buying things there.

Oh hey, I should have claimed I lost the card 5 years ago and could they please reverse all those charges.


brain fuge or not

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at least you have a smart phone and bank....

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Wells Fargo was good about it when my wallet was stolen a few years ago - they called to check if the charges were valid or not, and fortunately my father knew my wallet was missing and told them no. And they were prompt in reversing everything and mailing a new card, though I did have to fill out a form.