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*n, *s, m*, b*d, b*g, b*s, b*t, d*n, f*n, f*r, g*t, h*p, h*t, m*d, m*g, n*b, p*p, p*t, r*m, t*n, t*t, b*ds, b*gs, b*ll, b*nd, b*ts, d*ns, f*ns, h*ck, h*ts, l*st, m*ds, m*gs, m*ll, m*ss, n*bs, p*ck, p*ns, p*ps, p*ts, r*ck, r*ms, t*ns, t*ts, b*lls, b*nds, d*lly, h*cks, m*lls, m*ssy, p*cks, r*cks

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You are possibly evil. I have already spent too long poking at this. I go now to do other things, and curse you like the solemn ferret you are because part of my brain will still be here, wondering.


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my work here is dumb.

these are all of the English words which can be made with any vowel.

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Well that was my original thought, but for some of them I couldn't think of legitimate words for all the vowels. For example "es" is an ending, but I don't think it's a word in and of itself.

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es is a plural. there are 7 es in this sentence.