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Apophenia ([personal profile] jodawi) wrote2016-08-31 03:55 am

I probably didn't need my brain anyway

Woke up kicking the wall.

REM sleep is the stage when people typically dream. Most sleepers are ‘paralysed’ during this stage because the brain shuts off the muscles.

But this doesn’t happen to those with REM disorders, who often act out their dreams with violent movements...

The research published in the medical journal Neurology adds to evidence that certain sleep disorders could be a predictor of brain diseases. ...researchers identified 27 people who experienced REM sleep disorders for at least 15 years before developing either Parkinson’s, dementia with Lewy bodies or multiple system atrophy – a disorder similar to Parkinson’s.

The time between the start of the sleep disorder and the symptoms of brain disease ranged up to 50 years, with an average span of 25 years.

But Ruth Sutherland, acting chief executive of the Alzheimer’s Society, said: ‘We don’t yet understand why this correlation exists, and given the small sample size of this study, more research is needed.’

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My kids and I probably don't need our brains either, then, because we all have tendencies to thrash about, especially while dreaming. I used to kick my grandmother out of bed when I napped with her; daughter launched herself frequently into her dollhouse.