jodawi: (jyo da yû)
Apophenia ([personal profile] jodawi) wrote2005-10-11 11:12 pm
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lj peep indirect quote of the day (student paper):
"Throughout history many forms of writing have developed to further better the connection of communication."
(Sure, it's fine if I say something like that, but I work hard on such things and they probably didn't.) (I don't really work hard tho.)

In Other Quote:
I say something at daughter unit which was not-normal-syntax and she make small 7-year-old comment about 'so now you're speaking Yoda?' Amused, I press onward with next statement, garbled farther still, and she say 'Now, see, you're just speaking Jodawi.'


heeheeheeheehee! — via [ profile] serenejournal

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